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By | August 12, 2020

I started in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Turkey is said to have been one of the first settlements. Much of Turkey falls on this Anatolian peninsula. Traces of 7,500-year-old life have also been found on the Anatolian peninsula. They have also been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. If we talk about the important and historical periods of Turkey, then Turkey was conquered by Alexander of Greece in 334 BC. After Alexander’s death, his successors could not take over his kingdom, and it would fall apart.

The Greeks then founded the Salisi Empire, which lasted until 63 AD. During his rule, the Arminians also ruled here for some time. It was at this time that Jesus (peace be upon him) came to this world. After your resurrection from this world, Allah Almighty raised the Turks. They occupied the whole of Anatolia, even Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine. A large number of followers of Jesus (PBUH) made Turkey their home.

Invitation and preaching activities will continue here. The whole region was converted to Christianity around 300 AD, and in 330 AD, the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and made it the official religion. This was the king who founded Constantinople. Earlier, the city was called Byzantium, but today it is also called Istanbul. In some parts of Turkey, the Roman Empire lasted from 3030 to 1453 AD, but in some areas, including Syria and the eastern part of Turkey.

They were conquered by the Muslims. East and Central Anatolia were ruled by the Samjuk Empire, while the West was ruled by the Roman Empire. On the decline of the Samjuk Empire, the remnants of the Ottomans were born, and the Ottoman Empire was founded here. The true period of the Ottoman Empire is 631 years. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Ottoman Empire was the most powerful and strongest in the world. During its decline, the Ottoman Empire sided with Germany in World War I.

After the failure of Germany, the agreement was signed. Which was strongly opposed by the Turks. Conquering countries began to occupy the empire, splitting it into pieces – on May 9, 1900, the military command of Mustafa Kemal Pasha declared a war of independence. On September 18, 1922, the Turks withdrew all troops from Turkey. On November 1, 1941, Parliament abolished the Khilafah. Thus ended the 631-year-old great Muslim empire, the Ottoman Empire. The Treaty of Lausanne was signed on July 24, 1923. This was the agreement that closed Turkey. It was a conspiracy against the Muslims of the West, which will succeed.

The agreement imposed sanctions on Turkey for 100 years. Turkey could not violate the limits set by these sanctions. The treaty ended the empire, and the Sultan was exiled with his loved ones. The complete communication of the Khilafah and all the communication of the Sultan would have been confiscated. Turkey will be banned from drilling for petrol in its own country or any other country for 100 years, i.e. Turkey was banned from importing petrol for 100 years. By making Turkey a secular state, Islam will put pressure on its relationship with the Khilafah.

Made phosphorus part of the global ocean and Turkey will not be able to collect taxes from any major passerby. These were the key terms of the agreement. The agreement was signed in Lausanne, Switzerland. That is why this agreement is called the Treaty of Luzenin. Following this agreement, October 29, 1923, Turkey was recognized by the whole world as a free and independent country and this day became known as Turkey’s National Day.

Mustafa Kemal Pasha who later received the title of Atatرکrk. This means the father of the Turks, this servant prevented the Turks from being occupied by Britain, France, and other countries. In World War II, Turkey remained almost neutral. But in the post-World War II war between the United States and the Saudi Union, Turkey sided with the United States and its allies. In return, Turkey continued to receive aid. In July 1974, persecution of Turkish Muslims by the Christian population began.

The result was the establishment of the Northern Republic of Turkey. No other country in the world has accepted it, except the South, which was named the Republic of South, because it was part of a Christian population. In addition to being independent, it has also become a member of the European Union.

There was a time in Turkey when the Turkish people stood up for Turkey to become Europe. Hijab was banned in Turkey as a result of strong Western conspiracies. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who became Istanbul’s Nazim in 1929, was so popular that he tried to co-opt his government in 2002, but was accused of speaking out in favour of Islam and Muslims in 1998. He was prevented from becoming the Prime Minister. His deputy, Abdullah Gul, was later made prime minister, but the same government amended the constitution to remove his sentence, and Abdullah Gul resigned as prime minister, and Tayyip Erdogan and his new prime minister were elected.

In the November 2007 elections, the party formed a majority government. Since 2014, Tayyip Erdogan has served as Turkey’s 12th president. Ottoman Empire Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Treaty of Lausanne, which expires in 2023, after which Turkey can re-establish the Ottoman Empire if it wants. Turkey is located on two continents, Asia and Europe. Three percent of the country is located in Europe, while 97 percent is located in West Asia. The total area of ​​Turkey is 783,356 per square kilometre. The country ranks 56th in the world in terms of area. According to a 2017 report, the population of Turkey was 88,025,525.

Which makes it the 19th largest country in the world. Ankara is the capital of Turkey, but Istanbul is the largest and busiest city in Turkey. The city is also historically known as Constantinople. Turkey has a total of 81 provinces. Among them are Istanbul Province, Sabah Bursa Province, Ankara Province, Adana Province, Konya Province, and Urdu Province. Which foreigners know well. There are cities in Turkey with a population of over half a million. While the number of cities with a population of more than one million is close to forty-eight.

The Turkish currency is called the Turkish Lira. One Lira is equal to 28.42 rupees of Pakistan, while one Lira is equal to 16.28 rupees of India. Turkish calling code is +90 and domain name is .TR. Turkey is located at a distance of 3330 km from Pakistan. Turkey is two hours behind Pakistan in terms of time. Turkey’s gross income. 24 2.249 trillion. This brings it to the 13th position in the world in terms of economy, while the per capita income in Turkey is 27,634 dollars.

Which brings it to 45th place in the world. Islam is the largest religion in Turkey. Thirty percent of the country’s population believes in it, two percent are Christians, seven percent have no religion, and two percent are followers of other religions. No religion of the population has been specified. Turkey is the second country to sign the European Union in 1963. In 1987, Turkey applied to join the European Union.

As he had said in the nineteen nineties and rejected it. Turkey still needs more political and economic terminology. The European Union announced Turkey’s bid to become a member of the European Union in October 2005. 18.7% of Turkey’s population is engaged in agriculture. 26.8% of the population is involved in the industry. While 55% of the population is employed in government and non-government organizations. Textile food processing, autos, electronics, tires, mining industry, sterile, and construction are the industries that are growing the economy of Turkey twice a day.

Turkey has used many terms to bring industry to its country. It is the result of the policies of Tayyip Recep Tayyip Erdogan that millions of people travel to Turkey every year. In 2017, 32 million foreigners travelled to Turkey. Which gives you an idea of ​​how much Turkey has benefited. The Grand Bazaar was founded in the Turkish city of Istanbul in 1455 during the Ottoman Empire. Then its name was something else, now this market is popular in the world with the same name.

The shrine has 64 streets. More than 4,000 shops will be built here, and more than 25,000 workers are working here. The number of tourists visiting Istanbul for the last three or four years is estimated to be more than 30 million every year. Out of these 30 million, 10 million people visit this market every year. The Arak Mountains are the largest in Turkey. These are the mountains. Where traces of Noah’s ark have also been discovered. Traces of human populations have also been discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea. From which it is estimated that thousands of years ago, the world was inhabited here.

Historical research shows that this may have been the time of the flood of Noah. The same storm raised the level of the Black Sea. In any case, Allah knows best. There are 130 mountains in Turkey with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. In life, if you see a nation that loves its country, it will be the Turkish nation. They show their love for their country by waving national flags on their buildings. There is hardly a building like this in Turkey.

Where you will not see the Turkish flag. According to a Facebook report. This or This is followed by Turkey with the highest number of Facebook users. In other words, Turkey ranks third in the world in terms of Facebook users. The Turkish word is derived from the Italian word Turki. In Italian, Turkish is called Anatolia. Istanbul, the Turkey, is the only city in the world. It is spread over two continents. Three percent of the city comes from Europe and 97 percent from Asia.

Mustafa Kemal Pasha was the man who liberated Turkey from the victors of World War I. This lifted the Islamic Empire’s ban on alcohol. Abolishing the Islamic calendar, the Christian calendar was used in the country. Ending Friday’s holiday, Sunday was declared a holiday. Translated the Turkish alphabet from Arabic to Roman. Even the call to prayer was heard in Turkish, instead of Arabic. The man also banned the Turkish Red Face Head, a symbol of the Islamic Empire in Turkey. Turkey has a special place in the world in terms of its mosques.

Millions of blacks from other countries visit these mosques every year. There are about 63,000 mosques in Turkey. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Located in the Turkish province of Anatolia, Anatolia is the only city in the world that has been awarded the Prolepsis for its clear waters and crystal clear beaches. The city holds the record for most prolapse in the world.

To this day no one has been able to break it. Zulfan Ahmed Jalebi was the first person in the world to try to fly in the air in the 17th century by tying his wings on both his arms. This person also belonged to Turkey. The desert of aircraft research goes to the Muslims. But it was created by the Wright Brothers in the twentieth century.

Turkey produces a quarter of the world’s flowers. 70 to 75% of Turkey’s population is Anatolian Turks. About 18% are Gerhard people. 7 to 12 percent of the purchases are from other tribes. All wrestling is Turkey’s national and most popular sport. It is played and watched with great interest in development. Other popular sports are football, basketball, handball, fishing, flying, beach, cricket union, weightlifting, and wrestling.

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