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By | August 12, 2020

I started in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
The total area of ​​the Malta country, which dates back to 5000 years ago, is 316 square kilometres. The country ranks 187th in the world in terms of area. It ranks 45th in European countries in terms of area. A tourist destination, the country consists of three beautiful islands in the Mediterranean between Italy and Libya. Malta ranks 8th out of the top 10 most populous countries in the world.

The total population of the country was estimated at 4,070,000 in 2017, and the country was ranked 175th in the world in terms of population. Countless governments have raised their flags over this small country. Malta was ruled by the Byzantine Empire from the 5th century to the 8th century. But later the Arabs fell to the Muslims. Islam dominated the region during Muslim rule. But this dominance ended when the Muslims liberated the area at the end of the 10th century and returned to Arabia. With this, Christianity once again showed its colour, and within the next two centuries, Muslims ceased to exist. For a time, Spain claimed ownership.

But captured Napoleon in 1798. Less than 15 years later, the government was abolished by the British in 1814 and given the status of a British colony. But in 1956, the British government withdrew from the area and did not give them full independence. After 8 consecutive years of struggle, on September 21, 1964, this nation achieved complete independence. Following the election on September 13, 1974, it became known worldwide as the Republic of Malta. Before independence, the country was totally dependent on the sale of cotton and drugs to other countries. But present-day Malta relies heavily on its limestone.

At the same time, it levies taxes on tourism and trade with other countries through ports. The government rents out film production venues to Hollywood. The first foreign film to be made in Malta was Sons of the Sea. Malta is the only country in Europe where Persian is spoken. The Semitic language is similar to the Arabic language and comes from a combination of Arabic, Hebrew, Ibharak and other languages.

The 200-year rule of Arab Muslims has left its mark on the country. Even today, names like Lambdina, Jazira, Ghein Tayba, Ghein Al-Kabira are found in Malta. The national language of Malta is Maltese. In this language, unlike Arabic, Alif Lam is not spoken. Instead, it is simply called Lam. English is the second most spoken language after Maltese. English is also the national language of Malta.

The capital of Malta is Valita. The total area of ​​the city is 0.8 square kilometres. The city currently has an estimated 7,000 inhabitants. Malta is a Greek word. Which means honey. Malta has not yet won any Nobel Prizes. In 2016, about 2 million foreigners travelled to Malta. Malta is known around the world for its delicious and unique cuisine. Malta is made up of three major islands, Gozo, Malta and Ethnic.

Malta became a future member of the European Union on May 1, 2004. Malta Airlines was operated by PIA Airlines. Malta, like some other countries, has not yet imposed a property tax on the public. There are no rivers or forests in Malta. There is only one university in Malta run by the Maltese government. Also, two more European university campuses have been established. There are a total of 365 churches in Malta and only one mosque in Malta.

The name of which is Masjid Maryam Al Batul. There are an estimated 3,000 Muslims in Malta alone. Most of them are foreigners. Malta is four hours behind Pakistan in terms of time. Christianity is the largest religion in this country. 90% of the country’s population belongs to Christianity. 2% are Muslims. The remaining 8% are followers of other religions. Football is one of the most popular sports in Malta. Football is Malta’s national sport. Apart from football, the country also enjoys water polo, rugby, motor racing and boxing.

The currency of Malta is called Euro. One Euro is equal to 124.76 Pakistani rupees. Before January 1, 2008, the Maltese Lira was the currency used in Malta. Malta has 14 public holidays each year, the highest among any other European country. Malta’s calling card is 356+. Driving in Malta is done from a left-hand site like some other countries in the world. Free Wi-Fi hotspots have been installed by the Malta Communications Authority in many places in Manta.

Barley is free for tourists as well as nationals. There are currently three mobile companies operating in Malta. Their names are Voda Phone, Go and Meli Talkies. The average winter temperature in Malta is 12 degrees Celsius, and the average summer temperature is 27 degrees Celsius.

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